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Winter tyres

Winter in the UK comes with its set of challenges, hard to overcome with conventional car tyres. Therefore, to make your vehicle ready for winter and to ensure your driving safety, opt for a set of winter car tyres Lincoln so that your car performs optimally even when the temperature falls below 7°C.

At Dack Motor Group, we retail specialised winter tyres that will effectively counter the difficulties posed by icy tracks during harsh winter conditions.

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Why do you need winter tyres Lincoln?

A winter tyre is largely different from other variants when it comes to the tread pattern and rubber compound used in its construction. Listed below are some details about the best winter tyre Lincoln.

  • Soft Rubber Compound - A winter tyre is essentially manufactured with softer rubber compounds, which have an increased natural rubber content. This factor enables the tyre to remain soft and flexible even when the temperature drops significantly.
  • Increased Tread Depth - Winter variants come with an increased tread depth. The deeper treads are purpose-built to offer a biting grip on slippery winter roads by dispersing snow and slush away from the tyre surface efficiently.

Hence, you should always avail quality tyres which are exclusively built for winters to maximise your driving safety and comfort during the harshest part of the year.

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