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Anyone with even the slightest knowledge on automobiles and their often-fascinating histories, especially when it comes to British cars, will surely know about Vauxhall. This brand was established in 1857.

Currently owned by the Opel Group, Vauxhall’s cars are sold only in the United Kingdom and nowhere else. It, thus, has the reputation of being one of the few international brands with enviable brand equity but zero exports!

If you live in Lincolnshire or in the East Midlands region and happen to own a Vauxhall vehicle, you will receive an impeccable range of competitively-priced services, repairs and replacements only at Dack Motor Group. We are well-known Vauxhall specialists Lincoln.

Before we leave you with a summary of the services we provide, please note that we can also pick-up and drop your vehicle after each session if you live within 8 miles of our facility on Whisby Road

How can our Vauxhall car service specialists Lincoln assist you?

We are an independent service provider and using our facilities does not affect your car’s warranty in any manner.

    • Vauxhall repairs Lincoln :

Dack Motor Group. In case your vehicle needs any repairs, we will be happy to help. Only original manufacturer’s parts will be used. We also carry out pre- and post-MOT check-ups and repairs.

Vauxhall specialists Lincoln.

    • Vauxhall wheel alignment :

Unless you own a mid-sized SUV like the Crossland, most of this company’s models have pretty high ground clearance. We use the latest techniques in wheel alignment for your benefit.

    • Vauxhall servicing :

Dack Motor Group provides interim, full and seasonal service sessions - all competitively priced. We ensure that each part of your treasured car is free from damages and that you enjoy the maximum performance out of your automobile.

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