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Are you looking for Performance Tyres Lincoln for your vehicle?

Performance Tyres

Sports cars and high-end performance vehicles are meant to offer faster responsiveness at higher speeds and improved acceleration. In this regard, it becomes extremely crucial to equip a sports car with top-quality performance tyres.


Performance tyres, constructed with premium silica-based rubber compounds, enhance grip and help to retain superior driving control even when you’re motoring at high velocities.

Advantages of performance tyres

Specialised performance tyres Lincoln offer several advantages. Some of which are detailed below:

  • Improved traction - Performance tyres have a rigid sidewall which improves road contact and allows them to offer optimum grip and traction on wet as well as dry tarmacs. This feature also proves advantageous during emergency braking and allows a smooth transition between speed levels so that you enjoy unmatched driving comfort and safety.

  • Responsiveness - High-performance tyres offer unmatched responsiveness by reacting quickly to inputs from the driver and are also more suitable to work with advanced ABS and highly sensitive steering and suspension systems.

  • Heat dispersion - Since a performance tyre is made up of premium materials, it offers enhanced resistance to heat build-up and reduces accelerated tread wear significantly.

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