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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres Lincoln for your vehicle?


Unlike regular passenger cars, SUVs are purpose-built to offer unmatched performance on challenging muddy and rocky terrains. Such vehicles, thus, require specialised tyres that can support their robust performance with utmost precision and safety.

4X4 tyres were explicitly tailored for SUVs to offer optimum balance and vehicle control, which are required to overcome the challenges during off-roading. At our garage, Dack Motor Group, we stock an exhaustive range of 4x4 tyres, available at affordable prices for your convenience.

However, we understand that not everyone wants tyres for off-roading. Hence, we stock various categories of 4x4 tyres to cater to all your requirements.

So, if you are looking forward to purchasing superior quality new cheap tyres Lincoln, visit our garage or call us today on 01522 437 900 for more information.

How are 4X4 tyres different?

Both in terms of construction and tread design, a 4X4 tyre is uniquely built and significantly different from standard car tyres Lincoln. The fundamental difference is in the tread pattern, which is extremely aggressive and features an increased tread depth.

Further, the grooves of a 4x4 tyre are pretty wide to offer adequate traction on muddy roads. In comparison, the construction of any regular car tyre would prove inefficient to optimise grip on rough and even surfaces.

Additionally, the sidewall construction of 4x4 tyres Lincoln is extremely strong and robust to support heavier loads on unfavourable tracks adequately. This construction also enhances the durability of a 4x4 tyre and effectively counters potential damage from external objects like nails and stones.

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Types of 4x4 tyres at our garage-

  • All-terrain (A/T) tyres - Opt for these 4x4 tyres for the perfect balance of on and off-road driving comfort.
  • Mud terrain (M/T) tyres - M/T 4x4 tyres are known to optimise traction even on loose surfaces such as mud, gravel, stone, etc.
  • Highway terrain (H/T) tyres - These units are ideal for a matchless on-road driving experience. You can also use these 4x4 tyres for occasional off-roading.

Some of the popular 4X4 tyres at Dack Motor Group

Listed below are some of the bestselling 4x4 tyres from iconic brands which you can avail from us.

  • Continental PremiumContact 6
  • Michelin 4X4 Diamaris
  • Bridgestone DUELER D684
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