Searching for BMW Specialist Lincoln?

The Bavarian brand, BMW, currently occupies the 4th position in officially published lists of the 10 bestselling cars in the United Kingdom. BMW has massive footprints in both the passenger and commercial vehicles market.

In fact, one in every 10 UK customers chooses a BMW or a MINI, a brand also owned by the German giant.

Professional servicing of a BMW car can be an expensive proposition. This is where Dack Motor Group can assist you. If you live in or around Lincolnshire or even in other parts of the East Midlands, visit our facility in Lincoln.

We are one of the most highly-rated BMW specialists Lincoln. We specialise in BMW servicing and repairs besides conducting MOT testing.

What are our services?

Being one of the most reliable BMW specialists Lincoln , we offer several services which are attractively priced. Here is a condensed list of what we have to offer.

    • BMW servicing Lincoln :

We provide affordable interim and full servicing packages. These packages are designed exclusively for most of BMW’s class-leading models in the United Kingdom. Note that some damaged components - from braking systems to exhaust issues - may require part replacements.

Dack Motor Group stocks a wide variety of OE-grade replacements for your convenience.

    • Diagnostics :

We specialise in both engine and car diagnostics of BMW’s vehicles. We use BMW-approved software readers and OBD-II port communicators to track and identify any malfunction.

Our prowess in successful BMW diagnostics has helped cement our place as one of the leading BMW specialists Lincoln.

    • Remapping :

Also known as ‘chip tuning’, Dack Motor Group’s master technicians can help improve your car’s performance by tuning some of its on-board systems. You will experience a remarkable increase in driveability, fuel economy and torque output.

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BMW is aggressively pursuing its hybrid and EV technologies in the United Kingdom. Dack Motor Group is always abreast with such developments.

You can avail free pickup and delivery if you live within an 8-mile radius of our facility at Lincoln Fields Business Park, Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QW.

For more information on contactless deliveries and sanitisation, besides prices and service packages, please call us on 01522 437 900 on any working day.

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