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Dunlop Tyres

In the year 1888, John Boyd Dunlop invented the first practical pneumatic tyre. This marked the genesis of what would soon become a common name in the tyre industry – Dunlop Tyres. Dunlop is a name you can trust if you wish to buy new tyres Lincoln.

And, Dack Motor Group houses an extensive inventory of Dunlop tyres Lincoln for your best buy.

Dunlop: A legacy in innovation

We stock Dunlop’s products as the brand in a leader in innovative tyre technologies. Some of these are:

  • Noise Shield Technology
  • Dunlop developed an innovative tyre technology that bonds an advanced polyurethane foam layer to the tyres’ interior surface. This cuts sound levels by up to 50%, without compromising with the performance.

  • Multi Blade System
  • Winters can throw a variety of challenges to your car tyres. Dunlop’s multi-blade tyres excel in such adverse conditions, which makes them for car owners.

  • Maximum Fang Shield
  • This is a rim flange protection system innovated by Dunlop. There exists a rubber profile around these tyres that creates a buffer zone for the rim.

Our best-selling Dunlop tyres Lincoln

Dack Motor Group is one of the most preferred tyre retailers in Lincoln. So, if your search history contains “buy Dunlop tyres Lincoln”, we are your go-to place.

Here are some of the top picks by our customers:

StreetResponse 2

It is a premium touring summer tyre for passenger cars. This tyre offers superior grip, traction and handling on dry roads.

Winter Sport 5 SUV

An ideal pick for your SUV during the winters, this one is known for its enhanced lateral grip on slippery surfaces and aquaplaning defence.

SP 4 All Seasons

Designed to perform well throughout the year, the SP 4 All Seasons is the perfect all-season tyre for your automobile. It delivers improved fuel efficiency, wet/dry grip and braking performance with less noise and minimal tyre wear.

We sell these and many more at our garage.

So, why don’t you stop searching “Dunlop tyres near me” and buy new Dunlop tyres Lincoln from us?

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