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Are you looking for Runflat Tyres Lincoln for your vehicle?

run-flat tyres

Many road accidents in the UK are a result of damaged tyres.

Run-flats are a tyre category that can help to prevent these sorts of accidents and therefore improve your safety.

At Dack Motor Group, we offer a one-stop-solution for your “run-flat tyres near me” searches.

Our extensive inventory of new car tyres Lincoln also includes run-flat tyres.

Benefits of Run-flat Tyres

Here is why you should consider investing in a set of run-flats.

  • Run-Flat Tyres do not succumb to a puncture or a sudden blowout. These units are equipped with a reinforced sidewall that is strong enough to support your vehicle’s weight in the case of damage.
  • As these tyres resist deflation when punctured, they remain safe and functional for a certain period of time. You can continue driving for up to 50 miles at a limited speed (50mph) even with a puncture. So, if your car tyre suffers a puncture at a location with no service station nearby, you can safely continue driving.

Types of Run-Flat tyres

There are three types of run-flat tyres available Dack Motor Group?

    • Self-sealing run-flats

It prevents the loss of air from the outset of damage, such as a rupture from nails or screws.

    • Self-supporting run-flats

It is designed with a stiffer sidewall that is typically 50% thicker than regular tyres. As a result, this tyre can carry the weight of an automobile even after a sudden puncture.

    • Auxiliary-supported run-flats

There is an additional ring attached to this tyre that enables it to support the vehicle’s weight in the case of a flat.

We and many industry experts believe run-flat tyres are an excellent choice with lots of safety benefits.

Many manufacturers of premium cars equip their vehicles with run-flat tyres as a standard.

We at Dack Motor Group retail quality run flat tyres Lincoln from only the best brands in the business.

So, do not think twice and purchase your run-flat tyres from us today.

Please note: Run-flat tyres can only be fitted to cars with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). Otherwise, it would be very difficult to notice a flat tyre straight away.

Also, run-flat tyres cannot be repaired. Once they have been driven on with a puncture, their structure changes and a puncture repair is no longer considered safe.

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