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Are you looking for All Season Tyres Lincoln for your vehicle?


All-season tyres are becoming more and more popular in the UK due to several advantages.

Are you thinking about replacing your old car tyres Lincoln with a new set of all-season units?

Then visit our garage, Dack Motor Group.

We are a trusted dealer of all season tyres Lincoln in your vicinity and retail units from premium brands, like Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, and many others.

Features of all-season tyres

Before you buy all-season tyres Lincoln, it is essential that you learn about their features to make an informed decision. The construction, as well as tread design of an all-season tyre, is quite different from any conventional summer or winter variant. Please take a look at some of their key features.

  • Tread compound
  • All-season tyres combine the best features of both summer and winter units and are constructed with a specialised intermediate rubber compound.

    The advantage of an intermediate compound lies in the fact that it offers decent grip under hot road conditions. Also, it does not harden like a summer tyre during the winter season.

  • Tread pattern
  • All-season tyres also come with an intermediate tread depth that provides good contact on hot summer tracks as well as efficient water and snow evacuation on icy winter roads.

Please note: These tyres are a good option for those only driving lower-mileage and live-in areas with a moderate climate.

For high-mileage drivers and those living in areas with very hot summers and very cold winters with lots of ice and snow, experts recommend the use of season-specific (summer/winter) tyres.

At our facility, Dack Motor Group, we stock an excellent collection of all-season tyres. Hence, end your search for “tyres near me” and visit us during business hours.

You can call us on 01522 437 900 to buy your new tyres and book a fitting appointment or in case you have any query.

You can certainly also choose and book your new set of car tyres online from us.

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