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Regardless of whether your car uses a ‘dry-cell’ or a ‘wet-cell’ battery, this vital component must be properly maintained. If you are using a poor-quality battery or one past its prime, there is a good chance that you may end up stranded at odd hours in the middle of a road or being trapped at home when you need to leave urgently.

To ensure that your vehicle’s battery is in perfect shape and to opt for car battery replacement Lincoln , visit our facility - Dack Motor Group.

We are considered one of the most trusted stations when it comes to vehicle servicing and car battery Lincoln.

Our facility only sells top-rated batteries for cars as well as for bigger vehicles.

How to determine if your car needs a new battery?

This is one of the queries we receive often. We have noticed that many vehicle owners do not know when to replace their car battery Lincoln.

Here are some pointers that will help you identify a dying unit:

  • Engine crank is rather sluggish - It takes more time for your car to start despite repeated efforts to crank it. Instead, a strange “rurr-rurr” noise is audible. In this case it’s high time to seek help and get a new battery. Please don’t wait, otherwise your vehicle will very soon not start at all and you have to arrange emergency car battery replacement Lincoln .
  • Low battery fluid levels - Most modern cells have a transparent cover which helps you determine the levels of battery fluid. If you notice that this level is below the lead plates that act as its energy conductors, it is time to visit a professional station like Dack Motor Group.
  • A bloated battery case - One of the most obvious scenarios where car battery replacement Lincoln is absolutely mandatory is when the battery has a bloated and slightly swollen case. It indicates serious problems with a battery.
  • A rotten smell inside the passenger cabin - Do you perceive a rotten egg smell inside the passenger cabin? It indicates that the acid inside your car’s battery is leaking and has already started reacting with other components.

In case you need immediate help, please stop searching for ‘battery services near me’ and reach us on 01522 437 900 .

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