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Are you looking for Summer Tyres Lincoln for your vehicle?


Opting for the perfect set of summer car tyres Lincoln is crucial to get your vehicle summer-ready. This is because the summer tyre segment is specifically tailored to counter the challenges of hot and dry summer tracks. The tread design and construction of these units ensure that you experience superior responsiveness, traction and braking, especially when the temperature rises above 7°C.

Our garage, Dack Motor Group, retails superior quality summer tyres from iconic brands at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking to buy summer tyres Lincoln, visit our workshop at your earliest convenience.

Our professionals will help you to find the most appropriate tyres suitable for your car. Please note that we also sell tyres online.

Why opt for summer tyres?

The construction and tread design of a specialised summer car tyre Lincoln ensure driving stability and comfort on dry and warm tarmacs.

  • Build compound
  • Summer variants are customised with hard rubber compounds that enhance and optimise their durability and performance on hot tarmacs.

    The tread depth of summer tyres is shallow and has comparatively fewer grooves on the surface. This enhances the road contact area of the tyres, and hence, provides improved tractions. Further, summer tyres also have unique tread that enhances aquaplaning resistance on wet roads.

    Some of our best-selling summer tyres

    Mentioned below are some of the most popular summer tyres available at our garage.
    • Continental SportContact 6
    • Bridgestone POTENZA RE-71R
    • Apart from these, we also stock other models from many other manufacturers of summer tyres Lincoln in our inventory. We have tyres for every purpose, season and budget available.

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      So, search no more for “tyres near me” - we are here for you.

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