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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check Lincoln for your vehicle?

Accurate air pressure is vital for your car tyres’ performance as well as your safety on the road. If your drive an older vehicle that does not have a pre-installed TPMS, you should get your vehicle’s tyre pressure checked on a regular basis.

Dack Motor Group offers free tyre pressure check Lincoln for your convenience – no appointment needed.

What does TPMS mean?

It means Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.


TPMS sensors are mounted on each wheel, measuring the air-pressure in each tyre. If the pressure drops 25% below the level recommended by the manufacturer, the sensors transmit this information to the vehicle’s computer system and you can see the tyre pressure indicator on the dashboard.

TPMS sensors are prone to develop faults over time. So, it is still recommended to go for routine pressure checks from time to time to be on the safe side. We recommend you reach us for routine pressure checks and TPMS check-ups Lincoln.

Please note: In case a car’s TPMS has stopped working, it has to be replaced as repairs are unfortunately not possible.

What is the correct tyre pressure?

You will find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle in your car owner’s manual or on the so-called tyre placard. These you can usually find inside the glove box, on the driver’s side door pillar, or sometimes even under the bonnet.

On this sticker you can find information about the correct tyre size, correct tyre pressure for the front and rear tyres (under ordinary driving conditions).

On the sticker you may also find recommendations about tyre pressure in case of carrying heavy loads.

Our team will also be happy to give you advice in such cases and adjust your tyre’s air pressure accordingly.

When to opt for tyre pressure checks?

  • You should ideally opt for professional tyre pressure checks once every two weeks.
  • If you detect a drop in your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • In case you find it increasingly difficult to steer or manoeuvre your vehicle.

If the tyre pressure is not correct, you will detect a significant drop in your vehicle’s performance. To be on the safer side, we recommend you reach our garage during business hours for a quick tyre pressure check Lincoln.

Just come to our service station at Lincoln Fields Business Park, Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QW. Call us on 01522 437 900 for more information.

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