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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Lincolnfor your vehicle?


Aligning your vehicle’s wheels routinely at specific intervals is a necessary aspect of the overall upkeep of your vehicle.

We are one of the most-frequented facilities in Lincolnshire, offering reliable and absolutely accurate wheel alignment Lincoln using the latest technology.

What is wheel alignment?

Simply put, wheel alignment refers to correcting the various angles of your car’s wheels and ensuring that they match the manufacturer’s recommendations.

At Dack Motor Group, we use the latest computerised alignment system which measures wheels outside acceptable deviations quickly and accurately.

Have you ever heard of toe, camber, caster, and thrust angles?

Without going too much into technicalities, these are various angles which your car wheels form with respect to one another and also with the vehicle’s central axis. If any of these angles are out of acceptable ranges, we will correct them.

It is essential to remember that wheel alignment Lincoln not only helps you regain full control over your car, but also contributes positively to the overall suspension system’s health.

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When is wheel alignment needed?

There are several tell-tale signs which indicate when your car requires a wheel alignment Lincoln session. Some of them are:

        • A jerking or vibrating steering wheel

It is a rather common sign that something could be awry with your car’s tyres and suspension. You will find that this vibration increases with time and the steering wheel may not return to its original position once you have taken a wide turn.

        • Uneven tyre wear

While it is also seen in cases where wheel balancing is required, tread wear will be concentrated more towards the outside of the tread than its central portions in the case of misaligned wheels. This rather unusual wear is called ‘feathering’ and indicates that a wheel alignment Lincoln is necessary asap.

        • Squealing tyres

Misaligned tyres will emit a high-pitched squealing noise when taking a turn. For more information on these dangers, call us on 01522 437 900 on any working day.

      • Vehicle pulling to one side while driving. This is also a very obvious sign of mis-alignment.

Why rely on Dack Motor Group?

Our facility is capable of aligning wheels of any car make and model, using our advanced state-of-the-art technology.

Our technicians will ensure that you understand the implications of each step before we begin. Besides, you can also avail our services at competitive packages.

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You are welcome to get a quick, free alignment test at our special work bay.

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