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Despite a drop of the overall performance of the premium car market in the United Kingdom in 2020, Audi had a relatively good year. In fact, 8 of its new models now dominate official figures released on the 20 top-selling luxury cars in these Isles.

With the A-Series, Q-Series and its new RS6, Audi has pushed the envelope across all categories in the UK.

Besides, even during the tumultuous times of the negotiations between Britain and the EU, Audi’s luxury cars outsold many of the UK’s home brand car manufacturers.

If you live in or around this area and happen to own an Audi, reach out to us for class-leading services and repairs at affordable prices. We are Dack Motor Group, often considered as one of the most reliable car servicing facilities and Audi specialists Lincoln.

Regardless of which model you own, we can assist you in several ways. Further, if you live within an 8-mile radius of our facility at Whisby Road, we will pick-up and deliver your car free of cost!

Let us walk you through our services.

How can our Audi specialist service station Lincoln help you?

    • Audi servicing :

As Audi specialists Lincoln, we excel in car service. Our facility provides specialist interim- and full-service sessions for all vehicles to harness their true potential.

    • Chip tuning/re-mapping and diagnostics :

Let us get the best out of your vehicle. Optimal performance and fuel economy

    • Repairs :

In case your vehicle needs repairs or part replacements at some point, don’t worry, we can do it all for you – at very reasonable rates.

Dack Motor Group uses high-end OE spares only.

    • Audi wheel alignment :

Since these are premium vehicles with low ground clearance, their camber, caster and toe angles are slightly different from other vehicles. We use state-of-the-art alignment technology to ensure precise adjustment of the wheel angles.

Please note that our services and repairs/replacements will not void your car manufacturer’s warranty.

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