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Car owners need to remember that they should always select the tyre size that is originally recommended for a particular car segment. This is because, the manufacturer determines a particular tyre size after extensive research to ensure that crucial mechanisms like acceleration, braking performance and the speed limit are accurate.

How to read a tyre size?

The tyre size is expressed in the form of a complicated alphanumeric code, which might be difficult for you to decipher. Do not fret as we are here to help you out.

Let us take 225/50 R17 98H as an example.

This code entails important information related to the load index, construction type and aspect ratio, all of which must be understood properly.

For your convenience, we have explained this code in details below. Take a look.

  • 225- This reflects the section width of a tyre in millimetres.
  • 50- 50 indicate the height of this particular tyre. It is also known as ‘aspect ratio’, which reflects the percentage of width that makes for the tyre’s height.
  • R- Indicates that this tyre has a radial construction.
  • 17- Next, the number 17 reflects the diameter of this unit and is measured in inches.
  • 98- Indicates the maximum weight that each tyre can carry and is known as the ‘load index’.
  • H- This letter indicates the speed index of the tyre. In this case, the maximum permissible speed limit is 130mph.

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