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Avon Tyres

Avon has been a leading name in the tyre industry since 1906. It supplies original equipment (OE) to a number of prestigious brands, such as KTM, Caterham, Morgan Motor Company, TVR and Triumph. Avon tyres are known for their unmatchable quality and performance.

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Avon offers a multitude of tyres for every kind of automobile. From passenger cars to motorsports and motorcycles, its wide range serves all.

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Our extensive stock of Avon tyres includes:

For cars and SUVs

These tyres are designed to deliver superior traction, handling and performance in both dry and wet conditions. They come in many variants, ranging from summer to winter tyres. Some of its notable tyres are

In 2020, Avon launched its brand new all-season tyre named the AS7. It comes with a 3PMSF and M+S rating and delivers exceptional performance in unpredictable weather conditions all-year-round.

For motorsports enthusiasts

Avon also offers slick tyres made with unique compound blends to suit individual needs for motorsports vehicles. It has an incredibly diverse range that includes the ZZS, ZZR, RX Slick, ACB10 Sport, AV57 Extreme Rainracer and AM6 Speedmaster MKII, to name a few.

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