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Are you looking for tyres Lincoln with proper EU labels attached? Look no further! Dack Motor Group can help.

We are a trusted and authorised tyre retailer in and around Lincoln, offering superior quality tyres from only the best brands across different models and fits. All these tyres come with their EU labels attached.

All car tyres must be labelled properly as per the European Union's regulations introduced in 2012. The EU label aims to spread awareness among car owners regarding on-road driving safety and environmental impacts concerning tyres. The regulations were modified slightly, and the amendments came into effect from 1st May, 2021.

We suggest you know a bit more about the EU tyre labels before buying car tyres Lincoln from us.

Understanding EU tyre labels

Wet grip

Tyres are rated on their wet grip performance between A and E as per the latest regulations. Tyres with higher ratings offer better wet grip and stop faster on applying the brakes.

Fuel efficiency

Each tyre comes with a fuel efficiency rating. It ranges from A to E, from the most fuel-efficient one to the least fuel-efficient rating. A tyre with a Green colour code and ‘A’ rating offers the best fuel economy. On the other hand, an ‘E’ rated tyre with a Red colour code offers the worst fuel efficiency.

Noise efficiency

EU labels also indicate the external noise in decibels and are now segregated into three classes – Class A, Class B and Class C.

The new EU tyre label comprises some additional markings as stated below:

  • A QR code that links to the EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling)
  • Snow grip and ice grip indicators, etc.

If you need further clarification, come to our garage, and our experts will happily guide you.

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