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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Lincoln for your vehicle?


Balancing your car’s wheels at periodic intervals is enormously helpful in the long run. The process ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly, provides you with optimised control and responsive handling, and helps increase fuel economy as well.

If you live or drive in and around Lincoln or Lincolnshire County in general, visit us, Dack Motor Group, for the most professional car wheel balancing Lincoln.

When is balancing required?

In general, a car’s tyre and wheel assembly is never perfect. There are always areas of imbalance that require attention. Even when you purchase a new vehicle, you cannot expect perfectly balanced wheels.


Car wheel balancing Lincoln is necessary if you keep these simple points in mind.

  • Excessive vibrations- While a certain degree of vibrations while driving is expected, too much of it - especially in the steering wheel and column - can indicate imbalanced wheels. If you notice that it is becoming progressively difficult to control your car, you must visit a professional garage like Dack Motor Group.
  • Uneven tyre wear - We recommend that you keep a close eye on your car’s tyres; it helps you to spot any discrepancy with ease. When wheels are not aligned or balanced properly, you will notice significantly increased wear on one side while tyres on the opposite end may not show any sign of damage. This phenomenon happens because imbalanced wheels have uneven contact with the surface, resulting in defects.


After you install a new set of tyres: Whenever you fit a new set of tyres - or replace summer tyres with their winter counterparts - wheel balancing is mandatory.

Here at Dack Motor Group no vehicle that had new tyres fitted leaves without accurate wheel balancing. This is part of our tyre fitting service.

  • Dack Motor Group provides both static and dynamic car wheel balancing Lincoln.
  • We believe in caring for the environment and use only non-lead weights. That way, every session that we complete leaves behind minimal carbon footprints.
  • Our facility offers both wheel balancing and alignment, two different processes which exhibit varying symptoms. Both are equally necessary, however. You will thus get both these services under one roof with us.

Please note: Wheel balancing should also be checked in case you have driven through a deep pothole at a higher speed or hit a curb.

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