The Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page are related to all the products and services provided by Dack Motor Group, hereafter referred to as "the Company" and "we". Dack Motor Group is based in Lincoln Field Business Park, Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QW. The company is registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10818214.

Any transaction of products and services between the company and customers will be subjected to these terms and conditions, and hence, we request you to read them thoroughly.

Online purchase or booking

Any booking or purchase made online is subjected to confirmation only after the completion of the entire payment, which may also include the cost of labour and VAT. Further, the company holds absolute rights to cancel or postpone a confirmed order, if a particular product is out of stock or if we temporarily fail to provide a particular service due to certain technical or mechanical inconvenience at our garage. If such a scenario arises, the company will offer you a fresh appointment or alternative products, or else, initiate a refund of the payment, as deemed suitable.

Return and refunds

The company does not initiate any refund if a particular product is already installed in your vehicle. However, if there are quality issues with a product, you can purchase a replacement, while we send the faulty product to the manufacturer for detailed inspection. If the manufacturer confirms a quality issue, we will refund the money that you paid for the replacement.

Cost estimates

The cost estimates of a particular service that we provide after inspecting the vehicle are not absolute. You may be subjected to pay extra costs if our experts detect additional faults while carrying out a particular repair. However, for any change in the cost estimate, the company will first notify the customer and will proceed only after receiving consent.

Cancellation and rescheduling

Any request for cancellation or rescheduling of services from the customer's end is subjected to our availability. Additionally, individuals will have to notify us at least a few days before so that we can initiate a rescheduling or refund process without any hassle.


At our garage, we accept payment for our products and services in the form of cash and also via debit or credit cards. For online products, we require you to complete the payment while placing the order. However, the payment for our services can be made after the completion of the work, but you will have to pay at least a certain amount as a deposit against the booking.

Guarantee claims

All the OEM components and tyres retailed by the company are covered by the manufacturers’ guarantee. However, if a customer claims a guarantee on a particular product or service, he/she will have to submit the invoice as proof of the purchase. The confirmation of the guarantee claim will be subjected to further inspection of the product and nature of the damage.

Updating terms and conditions

The company holds absolute rights to initiate any change or revise the terms and conditions listed in this page if necessary.

By continuing to use the website, you are complying with all the terms and conditions. We suggest you keep a track of this website for further information.

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