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Are you looking for Summer Check Lincoln for your vehicle?


Most car owners find summers to be the ideal time to go on holiday and on long road-trips. But they often forget to prepare their vehicles for the hot season.

Excessive heat combined with stop-and-go traffic on busy roads and motorways makes a car vulnerable to breakdowns. Thus, all vehicle owners must ensure that their 4-wheelers are in optimal condition. Dack Motor Group is one of the most preferred destinations for car summer checks Lincoln.

Come to our facility, and our team of friendly experts will make sure that your car is ready to deliver its best performance during the warmest part of the year.

Here are some crucial summer checks for your vehicle to power through the summer days:

    • Air conditioning

Driving your vehicle with a malfunctioning air-con system during the hot summer days can be a nightmare. Hence, be proactive and take your vehicle to our garage for a thorough inspection of this system.

    • Oil

Incorrect oil levels often lead to vehicle breakdowns or even permanent damage. Hence, it’s imperative for car owners to get the oil level checked as well as the oil filter and the oil itself.

    • Tyres

It’s essential to check the tyre pressure and tread depth of your car’s tyres to ensure maximum grip while travelling. Moreover, you should also thoroughly examine the tyres for cuts or bulges; damaged or worn-out tyres need to be replaced immediately.

    • Battery

You must ensure that your vehicle’s battery is in top condition before entering the summer months. If you spot signs of corrosion or loss of battery fluid, drive down to our facility for an instant solution.

    • Coolant

One of the most common causes of a car breakdown during the summer is overheating. Hence, the level and condition of the coolant in your vehicle’s radiator should be carefully inspected. The coolant usually loses its effectiveness with time; so, our experts recommend changing it once a year.

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