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Instituted in the 1960s by the Ministry of Transport, a modern MOT test Lincoln is one of the most exhaustive assessments of a vehicle’s roadworthiness, emissions and safety standards. Without a valid MOT ‘pass’ or VT20 certificate, it is a statutory offence to drive in the United Kingdom.

Any vehicle that is at least 3 years old must pass an MOT testing Lincoln every year.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA identifies garages and service stations across the country and certifies them to carry out MOT Lincoln. There are more than 23,000 testing facilities in Scotland, Wales and England.

If you stay in or around Lincolnshire, visit us, Dack Motor Group , for a comprehensive and professional MOT test Lincoln.

Breaking down the MOT test

Before we begin the test, we check MOT history to see whether there were any issues (advisory notes etc.) mentioned. That way, we can lay special emphasis on certain parts or systems.

Note that we specialise in vehicles categorised as Class 4 and Class 7. Any private car with up to 12 seats comes under Class 4, while good vehicles with Design Gross Weight or DGW of 3,000 to 3,500 kg is categorised as a Class 7 vehicle.

MOT tests are identical for these 2 classes.

An MOT Lincoln includes:

  • Exhausts and emissions - Your car’s exhausts should be free of noxious fumes, including oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen, plus CO. It should not have any lead-based compounds. Its CO2 concentration should be well below permissible limits as it is responsible for global warming..
  • Steering - The steering wheel and column must be in top order. Power steering fluids should be at optimal levels.
  • Restraining devices - This applies to seatbelts and other special attachments. All seatbelts should have their elasticity intact; else, your car will fail its MOT in Lincoln.
  • Lights -All internal and external light fixtures must work properly. There should not be any fused lamp.
  • Braking system - A car’s braking system is extremely complex. It consists of many parts moving simultaneously to ensure that the car stops as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. Anything wrong with braking will lead to an automatic MOT failure and land you a VT30 certificate.
  • Suspension -Your car’s suspension system must be sturdy enough to bear its own weight plus the passengers’ weight over most surfaces without buckling. The shocks and struts must be in good shape.
  • Body and structure -: MOT test Lincoln will cover your car’s body and ensure that it is free from dents and rust or corrosion. Its structural integrity must not be compromised.
  • Electronics - Finally, the battery and wiring should be in proper shape. Otherwise, there is a good chance your car will fail the test.

Besides these, we will also inspect the horn, mirrors and windscreen.

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In case your vehicle fails an MOT check, the VT30 certificate will list all areas of defect. If you wish, we can certainly help with post-MOT repairs so you can re-present the vehicle for a partial re-test within 10 days.

Please note: After your vehicle has failed its MOT, you are no longer allowed to drive until all issues are fixed.

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We also offer Pre-MOT check-ups.

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