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Your car’s exhaust system is certainly one of its most complicated parts. It consists of several specialised components which must work in tandem and without fail to ensure satisfactory and safe on-road performance. There is a common misconception that exhausts merely clean the fumes generated by an internal combustion engine while driving.

While it is admittedly a major function of this system, there are several others.

An exhaust system in poor shape is a recipe for disaster and will result in an MOT fail as well. You need a professional inspection at least once a year to ensure that all its parts are working properly.

Do you live in or around Lincolnshire? If you do, feel free to visit Dack Motor Group, your trusted garage for exhaust service Lincoln.

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Our skilled technicians will inspect every part of this complex system minutely and offer professional advice. If required, we will provide the best exhaust repair Lincoln service at attractive rates.

We guarantee high-quality services within reasonable timeframes besides OE-grade replacements that will suit every make and model of passenger cars which ply these Isles.

Signs of a failing exhaust system

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It is one of the reasons why we are often acknowledged as a reliable and customer-centric garage for exhaust service Lincoln.

The 4 symptoms listed below often indicate exhaust problems:

      • ‘Check engine’ light comes on frequently: An exhaust system with reduced functionalities will trigger this light on the dashboard repeatedly. The ‘check engine’ light is triggered by numerous factors; among them, a damaged catalytic converter is fairly common.

Note that it might be difficult for even seasoned car owners to pinpoint exhaust problems based only on this indicator. You must take the remaining 3 points into account too.

      • Loud exhaust noises

A properly functioning exhaust system’s muffler ensures that your car’s noise levels are within acceptable decibel levels. If the muffler malfunctions, there will be jarring noises.

      • Fuel efficiency plummets

An out-of-shape exhaust system will disturb your car’s fuel efficiency.

      • Losing power

You will notice that no matter how hard you push down on the gas pedal; your vehicle responds less and less. You may also feel a lot of odd vibrations, especially on the floorboards.

All of these symptoms point to a range of problems. If you notice any of them, it is time to visit our garage for exhaust repair Lincoln.

Dack Motor Group should be your first choice when it comes to such sensitive services.

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