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There is a common misconception that ‘engine diagnostics’ and ‘vehicle diagnostics’ are similar processes. Engine diagnostics rely mostly on the Engine Control Unit or ECU which generates error codes, known variably as Diagnostics Troubles Codes or DTCs. However, professional vehicle diagnostics covers a lot more ground.

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Overview of vehicle diagnostics

All modern cars have hundreds of sensors built-in. They receive and send information to several on-board computers, which then analyse the information. Note that an ECU is merely one such computer which collates error codes from specific areas.

The ‘brain’ of a modern passenger car, is its PCM or Powertrain Control Module. It is a control unit that consists of the ECU and the Transmission Control Unit or TCU. In some premium cars manufactured by Chrysler, a third computer is also present: a Body Control Module or BCM.

This is a key point of difference between standard engine diagnostics and more comprehensive car or vehicle diagnostics.

To further complicate things, BMW and Citroen use different terminologies: ‘Injector Control Unit’ and ‘Digital Motor Electronics’ respectively.

Note that these are all PCMs.

Since a PCM acts as the central component, all sensors report directly to it. It controls all the parts of a car, while its subsidiary ECU is responsible primarily for engine-specific issues.

Once an issue is detected, the ‘check engine light’ comes on. There can be several reasons behind this, but the most likely suspects are the following:

  • Transmission problems
  • Exhaust system issues
  • Errors in ignition timing
  • Poor fuel injector performance
  • Poor condition of ignition coils
  • Inlet air temperatures and low coolant levels, among others.

Avail our expert vehicle diagnostics Lincoln

We follow a standardised process that reflects the industry’s best practices. The steps are mentioned below:

  • When you visit our facility on Whisby Road for car diagnostic test Lincoln, we will first ask you some basic questions including whether you have been noticing something off with your car lately. It gives us ample scope for investigation; plus, such an approach helps car engine diagnostics Lincoln in several aspects.
  • Post that, we will attach our proprietary OBD-II code reader and tap into the ECU’s data bank. Our expert team will then extract all error codes while the reader decodes them.
  • Based on these symptoms, we will take appropriate and corrective measures. It may involve repairs, replacements and miscellaneous work.

However, rest assured that we will never commence any repair or services without your permission.

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Please note that not all issues can be solved using these tools. That is why Dack Motor Group’s master technicians will also manually inspect some elements.

This attention to detail is what has made us one of the leading facilities for car engine diagnostics Lincoln.

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