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Van modifications and coach building are specialised services which have generally been in great demand. These services require mechanical, automotive, electrical and general engineering expertise.

Many businesses require custom-made coaches which have to be developed either from scratch or using an extant model, while van modifications are required for several commercial ventures.

These are extremely challenging projects, as most of them are unique and often require manual intervention. If you own a business where various types of vans are usually needed, you will need professional services.

If you live or work in or around Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire or the East Midlands region, and are looking for a reliable ‘coach building and van modification centre near me’, visit our facility in Lincoln’s Whisby Road.

We are Dack Motor Group , one of the most trusted car service stations Lincoln.

Our station is also known for high-quality coach building and van modification Lincoln. We have successfully managed to satisfy a number of clients who came to us with extremely specific requirements.

Coach building Lincoln

We have managed to assemble a superbly trained group of technicians who have experience in building coaches.

Given your requirements, Dack Motor Group can offer high-quality flatbeds, special utility vehicles, curtain slider low-loader vans, and recreational vehicles. Note that all our work is done in-house.

Our facility primarily uses chassis from 3.5T and 7.5T which are procured from top companies. They are then adjusted depending on our client’s requirements.

Some businesses which require our services of coach building Lincoln include:

  • Courier networks.
  • Food and other delivery businesses.
  • Custom vehicles for traffic management.
  • Retail sector.

Van modification Lincoln

We specialise in modifying commercial vehicles depending on their intended use in the future.

Here are some common examples of van modifications Lincoln.

    • Internal modifications: Many of our clients require a series of modifications on their vehicles for special purposes. Dack Motor Group’s expert technicians will first have a dialogue with the client regarding the proposed changes; post that, we will begin our work.
    • Luxury coaches: Our facility is capable of modifying ordinary minibuses into luxury vehicles. We can add all sorts of accessories that our clients demand, provided we are given enough notice. Dack Motor Group can also remove original fitments and replace them with pre-specified seating arrangements of similar quality.

All of these procedures are done using advanced & non-invasive technologies. We will also try to add value to our work by incorporating newer ideas.

  • Disabled-friendly vehicles and ambulances: We recognise that disabled or differently-abled people have trouble accessing standard vehicles, including vans with higher clearance

When you contact us for van modification Lincoln, we will add ramps, wheelchair-friendly surfaces and use sheets of high-friction rubber to minimise chances of slipping.

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