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Are you looking for Car Servicing Lincoln for your vehicle?

A leading cause of on-road incidents is poorly-maintained vehicles.

As a responsible car owner and citizen, it is your duty to ensure your vehicle is in top shape throughout the year.

If you live in or around Lincolnshire, please visit us - Dack Motor Group. We are known to offer reliable and affordable car servicing Lincoln.

You can also become a service plan member and enjoy exclusive benefits such as free puncture repairs, free MOTs, free winter checks and much more!


Advantages of car service Lincoln

Here are the prime benefits of servicing your vehicle at periodic intervals:

  • You reduce the odds of a vehicle breakdown or getting into on-road incidents.
  • Your vehicle delivers on all parameters, lowers fuel consumption and remains mostly immune to sudden breakdowns.
  • Your vehicle will pass its annual MOT test with ease.
  • Further, regular vehicle or car servicing Lincoln will also increase your car’s resale value.

Our servicing packages

Dack Motor Group is a popular destination for car owners who want affordable but comprehensive car servicing Lincoln.

We have managed to bring together highly trained technicians and the latest technological aids under one roof, meaning you will never have to search for the “best car servicing garage near me” anymore!

We offer both interim and full services.

Let us quickly give you an idea of what these packages contain.

Interim car service

Nowadays, all major car manufacturers recommend that your vehicle should undergo an interim service once every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

We conduct a total of 50 checks in this package, some of which are:

  • Oil and coolant level checks - These are fundamental aspects of any service session. We will ensure that all the fluids your car requires are in adequate volume and are of good quality. If necessary, we will replenish these fluids.
  • Air filter checks - Air filters often clog up due to the soot and particulates they absorb. It is vital that this part remains in excellent shape; otherwise, you will lose out on increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Tyre checks - Another essential part of our interim car repairing service Lincoln, we will check for slow leaks, tread wear and other damage. If we find any issue, we will recommend repairs or recommend new tyres.

Dack Motor Group is a leading retailer of tyres, including the latest models from Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Uniroyal, Michelin, etc.

  • Lights - We will inspect all light fixtures, especially the external ones including headlamps, parking lights, turn indicators & braking lights.

Full car service

A full car repairing service Lincoln includes everything in an interim package, and adds some more. We conduct a total of 77 checks here. Take a look at some of them mentioned here.

  • Transmission fluid checks: This fluid helps keep a car’s transmission properly lubricated and prevents corrosion.
  • Inspection of the suspension system - Once a year, it is essential that you visit a competent station like Dack Motor Group and use our expertise to ensure your car’s shocks & struts are in proper condition.
  • Spark plug inspection - Our technicians will ensure that these vital components are working without problems.
  • Cambelt inspection - Our car servicing Lincoln is incomplete without a thorough check of your vehicle’s cambelt, also sometimes called a serpentine belt. It can tell a great deal about your vehicle’s overall health.
  • Replacement of the brake fluid and bleed system.
  • Visual inspection of the fuel lines, radiator, radiator cap, etc.

Please note: In case any repairs are needed, we will certainly inform you (if you wish, we can show you the issue directly or send you photos via email) and give you an estimate.

We will never start any additional work without your permission!

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