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Remapping, or ‘chipping’ as it is commonly called, is not a new technique. It existed in the United Kingdom since at least the ‘70s, when engine remapping was not too complicated. Over time, there has been a surge in the demand for customisation, a key driving force which has also been a boon to the engine remapping industry.

Are you looking for a reliable ‘car remapping facility near me?’ Well, if you live in Lincolnshire or any of its surrounding Counties, feel free to visit our facility - Dack Motor Group.

We are one of the most popular garage for car remapping Lincoln, manned by expert technicians who are also adept at ‘tuning’ your car.

Let us walk you through the process and its pros and cons.

What is car remapping?

All modern cars come with an Engine Control Unit, a computer which controls everything from acceleration to fuel economy and emissions. However, using certain devices, the ECU’s default settings and software can be changed or manipulated to suit the owner’s performance requirements.

Changing an ECU comes with a whole host of advantages but a couple of drawbacks as well. Note that this is not a DIY-friendly task; you will require professional expertise.

If you live in the East Midlands area, you will find the most comprehensive car remaps Lincoln only at our facility, Dack Motor Group. We perform this interesting and challenging task backed by our 20 years of solid industry experience.

Being a professional service station, we will never change the ECU beyond legally mandated stipulations as laid down by the Government.

Why is remapping popular?

As mentioned earlier, remapping your car’s ECU may potentially remove some pre-set manufacturer restrictions.

    • Enhanced mileage : All car manufacturers have several different trims of a certain model. While the base trims may provide higher fuel savings, you will inevitably notice that mileage delivery decreases as trims become more expensive with bigger engines and more cylinders.

That said, once you avail engine remapping Lincoln services, you will immediately notice a sharp rise in mileage. It is because the ECU’s software that controlled the air-fuel mixture has been overwritten.

  • Improved navigability: Superior handling is another reason why so many of our customers ask for car remaps Lincoln. This advantage is especially noticeable if you own a turbocharged car. You will find accelerating and manoeuvring a lot easier than before.
  • Increased power output: A professional engine remap Lincoln will increase a car’s power output, including its torque, by almost 40%.

Should you remap your car?

Dack Motor Group believes in letting our patrons take their own decisions. Hence, you can consider car remaps Lincoln only if:

This attention to detail is what has made us one of the leading facilities for car diagnostics Lincoln.

  • Your vehicle was manufactured after 2003.
  • You are not satisfied with your car’s present performance.
  • You won’t mind paying higher insurance premiums since car remaps may affect its terms and conditions.
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