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Are you looking for Blocked DPF Repair Lincoln  for your vehicle?


A DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is a critical component of your diesel car’s exhaust and transmission system. Simply put, it acts as a filter that captures soot and other PM10 pollutants which are present in your car’s emissions. Under ideal circumstances, a DPF should last for approximately 100,000 miles without any intervention.

But in practice, most DPFs last a lot less. Without a properly-functioning DPF, your vehicle will go into ‘limp’ mode; you will be unable to accelerate and may even end up damaging other critical components under the bonnet.

If you live in or around Lincolnshire, please visit our facility, Dack Motor Group, for the best and most professional DPF repairs Lincoln.

Our Lincoln facility is staffed by well-trained technicians and car spares experts. Rely on them to give you an honest opinion of what may have gone wrong and what your options are.

How do DPFs develop faults?

In any diesel car, a DPF sits just adjacent to the catalytic converter. Both are parts of the exhaust system and are exposed continually to high temperatures. This brutal heat is the first thing that affects a properly-functioning DPF since they are not made of metal.

When you drive infrequently or for short distances, your car’s engine does not require as much revving as it would otherwise. This results in soot build-up, and the in-built filter cleaning system, called a ‘regeneration cycle’, does not kick in.

These are the most common reasons why blocked DPF repair Lincoln becomes crucial.

Other aspects which might also cause a DPF to malfunction include:

  • Using poor-quality fuel.
  • Issues with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system or EGR.
  • Problematic glow plugs or their control units.
  • Air intake problems, especially in cars with larger engines.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat.

How can we help?

Note that DPF regeneration Lincoln is not a DIY-friendly method. When you contact Dack Motor Group by calling on 01522 437 900, you will get to know more details.

At our facility, we follow a standardised procedure.

    • Before we begin blocked DPF repair Lincoln, we will tap into the car’s ECU and note down any issue flagged. Some of the error codes generated when a DPF is malfunctioning includes P1471, P2002, P2003, P244A and P2452, among others.

It gives us a clear idea where the fault lies.

  • We will then carry out both active and passive regeneration processes, starting with the latter method. Depending on the soot ratio and other pollutants, any of these methods may have some success.
  • If regeneration fails, our technicians will use ‘flash cleaning’ for blocked DPF repair Lincoln. Flash cleaning removes residues, soot, and cerium and enhances fuel efficiency.
  • We conduct DPF chemical cleaning at around £225-£350, depending on the vehicle.

Flash cleaning is ideal for diesel vehicles of all sizes. However, note that not all sessions of DPF regeneration Lincoln are successful. We will then recommend a complete replacement, and you can choose from our inventory of OE-grade spares.

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